Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our New Deluxe Central Vacuum Bare Floor Kit

Our new and improved deluxe bare floor kit would be a great addition to any home with a central vacuum system. This kit is design specifically to clean hard floor surfaces. While traditional bare floor or hard floor tool kits come with a "pistol grip" handle, this new kit comes with our "Comfort Grip" handle. Along with the upgraded hose, the new central vacuum bare floor kit features a bare floor brush and dust mop tool for cleaning all kinds of hard floors. The Dust-Up tool with a blue dust fringe is designed for bare floor cleaning. The blue dust fringe excels at gathering up dust and small debris from your bare floors. The fringe pad is removable via Velcro, and can be washed multiple times while maintaining the same cleaning capability. Also included in this kit is a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and more.

This bare floor kit is a must for homes with a central vacuum where cleaning hard floors is a priority. Lightweight, easy to use and durable. At only $178.95, which includes free shipping, this quality tool kit is very affordable.

Deluxe Central Vacuum Bare Floor Kit
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Out With The Old...In With The New

After servicing our local friends and neighbors for years, we decided to offer our products to the rest of the world. We decided to go online with our quality central vacuum products and our world-class customer service. We acquired the domain name www.centralvacuumplanet.com to go along with our www.centralvacuumsupplier.com and launched a brand new online central vacuum store.

While some of the user-friendly layout and design of the old site was kept, our new design staff has remade the site to include updated technology, large high resolution images, detailed descriptions, detailed part numbers and our own "social community".

New Look
For returning customers you will notice the addition of hundreds of products while new customers will notice the user-friendly layout, high quality products and excellent customer service.

We broke down the site and got rid of any product we felt was below our standards of quality. Our design staff improved the way the site flows allowing customers to easily view larger, detailed images while also offering a long, detailed item description. Our new inventory and part number system helps to insure you get exactly what you ordered the first time.

Our Social Community
Part of our design staff includes "social media experts", so we decided to create our own social community. This community includes our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages along with this blog. This community was created to let our customers follow us and learn about coupons, upcoming sales and general central vacuum information.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The New Premiere PLUS Central Vacuum Carpet Brush

At Central Vacuum Planet, we love the "Premiere Electric Carpet Brush", and it just got even better! The Premiere carpet brush has been a staple in our carpet brush line-up and one we have always considered "top of the line", and now it is available with even more features. Don't worry, it still comes with the German engineered quality your used to and the super long 10 year motor warranty that make it tops on our list. But the new Premiere PLUS also features a 5-level carpet height adjustment, energy saving LED headlight, quick release neck and wand, large edge cleaning channels and extra large dirt intake orifice for virtually no clogs.

Central Vacuum Carpet Brush

The Premiere PLUS carpet brush also features a chevron brush roller design for maximum cleaning, soft non-marking rubber wheels and reinforced cogged belt for an even longer belt life. Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it did. This brush will also be available shortly in a complete attachment set.

Check Out The New Premiere PLUS Centrl Vacuum Carpet Brush

Friday, May 7, 2010

Electric Hoses Now Come With Free Hose Hanger

We recently had a customer ask us if our central vacuum hose came with a hose hanger, and that prompted us to start something new. At Central Vacuum Planet we try to listen to our customers and what they need. So from now on, all of our electric central vacuum hoses will come with a FREE metal hose hanger. This free gift is on top of our already low prices and free shipping. Just another way to help our central vacuum customers.

The durable metal hose hanger easily holds the 30 or 36 ft eletric central vacuum hoses and mounts to any wall or hard surface. No need to just throw the hose in the closet where it can get damaged or kinked, now you can quickly store your hose on the hanger.

Central Vacuum Hoses w/ Free Metal Hose Hanger
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Central Vacuum Hoses...

At Central Vacuum Planet we sell a lot of central vacuum hoses and we often get asked the differences between the hoses or what kind of hose to use. Central vacuum hoses come in many different styles, lengths and colors and can be a little confusing, especially to someone not familiar with central vacuum systems. There are three types of central vacuum hoses, the electric central vacuum hose, low voltage central vacuum hose and the standard/basic central vacuum hose.

The majority of these hoses are made with a newer lightweight and crush proof material. This newer design replaced the outdated and much heavier wire reinforced hoses. A lot of customers who have used these wire reinforced hoses in the past initially think the newer hoses look "cheap" or "flimsy", but that couldn't be further from the truth. Old wire reinforced central vacuum hoses were heavy, bulky and the wires rusted out and poked through the hose over time. Heavy hoses make using a central vacuum system unpleasant, seeming more like working out than cleaning.

These issues are what lead to the new design. The new hoses are now crush proof, not crush resistant. The new hoses are much lighter and easier to handle, making cleaning with a central vacuum quick and easy. So don't be fooled by looks when it comes to central vacuum hoses. Now on to the differences between the central vacuum hoses.

Standard Central Vacuum Hoses
The basic central vacuum hose is the oldest and probably most commonly found central vacuum hose. When this hose is plugged into the wall inlet the central vacuum will immediately start. To stop the central vacuum from running, you will need to unplug the hose from the wall inlet. These hoses do not offer an on/off switch or electricity. Older versions of these hoses feature a metal wire reinforcement, however the newer versions that Central Vacuum Planet carries are made with a new lightweight, crush proof material.

Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hoses
Low voltage central vacuum hoses have a couple of features not found on basic hoses. The main difference between a basic hose and a low voltage hose is the low voltage central vacuum hose features an "On/Off" switch that allows you to control the suction of your central vacuum at the handle of the hose. With this feature you will not have to unplug the hose every time you wish to stop vacuuming. Another feature found on low voltage central vacuum hoses is the swivel neck design. The 360 degree swivel handle helps prevent tangling and helps make cleaning faster. Our low voltage central vacuum hoses are also made with newer lightweight, crush proof material.

Electric Central Vacuum Hoses
The electric central vacuum hoses is needed when using an electric carpet brush. If your carpet brush has a 2-prong cord coming from it, you will need an electric hose to operate it. Electric central vacuum hoses feature a "dual 3-way switch", which allows you to control the suction (on/off) and carpet brush from the hose handle. Unlike other style hoses, electric hoses feature a comfortable handle, making cleaning easier. All of our electric central vacuum hoses are made with a new lightweight, crush proof material which replaces the outdated and heavier wire-reinforced style hoses.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

PowerStar Central Vacuums Now Available

PowerStar Central VacuumsCentral Vacuum Planet is proud to announce the addition of yet another quality central vacuum brand, PowerStar. We have been familiar with these units for years and are now able to offer these powerful and silent units to our customers. PowerStar central vacuum units offer everything a customer could ask for. High air watts for suction power, decibels levels in the 50's for an almost silent operation, durable all metal canister and a permanent, self-cleaning Teflon coated Hepa filter.
PowerStar Central Vacuum Unit
The PowerStar units also now come with some new features to make them even more user friendly. PowerStar units now have an "easy-grip" set of handles on the bucket for easy dumping as well as "easy-clip" clamps. The PowerStar units also give you the freedom of using a disposable bag or simply dumping your dirt out.

And for a limited time, all PowerStar central vacuum units come with a free deluxe car and garage kit, a $79.95 value.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Rhino Vac Unit For Smaller Homes

Rhino Vac Central Vacuum SystemsWe are very happy to announce the newest addition to the Rhino Vac central vacuum line. Just when we thought the Rhino Vac line couldn't get any better, it just did. The all new Rhino Vac 299R-L is perfect for any small to medium size home. It has all the power you could ask for with 600 air watts, at a price that will make you even happier. At only $349.00, the new 299R-L has out done the compitetion. When you try to compare to other top brands, you will see there is really no comparison. Not only do you have a super strong 600 air watt motor and low price, this unit also features a durable all steel design, permenant telfon coated self-cleaning filter and a long 10 year warranty.

Add in free shipping to anywhere in the 48 states, no bags to buy and the savings just keep adding up. And, it gets even better! You will also recieve a FREE Deluxe Car & Garage Kit (a $79.95 value) with any Rhino Vac purchace.

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